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pennsic prep, again

The cookies I was going to bake for the Queen's Tea were a crashing disaster. I think the recipe I was sent left out the baking powder -- they ended up really tough, instead of tender. That's okay; I didn't have time to do a lot of baking anyway.

palegreyminion's apron dress is cut and sewn and hanging in my closet; I'll do the hem later and the top at Pennsic. I don't want to hem the top till she tries it on, in case it needs taking in. I still need to make straps, too. Those won't take long. Hope she likes turquoise blue...

Tomorrow I'll cut and start sewing a green linen dress for myself. I found an AC Moore; I may skip down there tomorrow with some swatches and pick up some embroidery floss to use to finish the straps. Maybe they'll even have decent scissors. I can't STAND cutting with these cheap-ass things from WalMart. I try not to be a tools snob, but I got that way for a reason...
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