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sigh. i already need a new helmet. - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
sigh. i already need a new helmet.
Luckily not because my new helmet took a knock. No, I need it because the brand new helmet I just bought hurts my wee noggin. There's no padding to speak of at my hairline, and it presses most uncomfortably. You don't notice it right away, though... you have to wear the thing for an hour or so to realize how much it presses. I love the flip-up chinbar, so that's a must for whatever I get to replace it, but I don't even want to wear it now. I'm just going to sell it. darkwolfie has a modular helmet that I'm going to try on; if it fits, I'll wear it tomorrow. If not, I may try wearing my contacts and my old helmet, because I still have a headache.

I should mention... I spent yesterday evening and all day today at a Beginner RiderCourse so I can get my Motorcycle Safety Foundation card. It's an excellent course, and I had a great time, though some of it was a little frustrating (I need more practice weaving cones -- good practice for swerving). I passed my written test with a perfect score. Tomorrow we ride some more and then do the riding evals; if I pass that, I get my motorcycle license!

My shoulder held out pretty well, but it hurts now, and my back is tight... but maybe that's because I rode this tiny little 125cc motorcycle all morning.

I still have practicing to do before I'm ready for the road, but at least I'll have my license. Gotta start somewhere...

i feel: sore sore

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