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i... am a lucky, lucky woman - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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i... am a lucky, lucky woman
My man made stew for me. Chicken Stew. Yummy delicious chicken stew. He loves me. And he has excellent cooking skills. I knew he was a keeper when he made venison stew for our second date... what a feast. I'm soooo lucky to have him, and his cooking skills. (And chopping all those veg is a perfect excuse to get a Pampered Chef chopper... if only for the onions. Love those things!)

I bought some yarn yesterday... Wings, by Classic Elite Yarns. 55% alpaca, 23% silk, 22% wool. It's sooo dreamy! The only thing dreamier was the angora-wool blend, and the only reason that didn't come home with me was because it only came in pastels. The Wings came home with me in purple and lilac. I was going to make scarves for gifts, but 15" in, I see that there isn't enough in one skein to do so. So I'm looking at patterns to see what I can find. There's a pattern for an ascot that I like, and another for a cabled headband... I just have to figure out how to do cables.

Ooh... a car just exploded in the junkyard across the street. Sounded like a salute cannon to me... Wolfie said it sounded like a shotgun. It was a car. We called the fire department; luckily, they're right down the street. The alarm went off there twice on Wednesday night, and we've been hearing crows at odd hours, disturbed from their roosts in the yard.

Back to the dreamy yarn... I think I'm going to try the ascot. Cabling doesn't look as hard as I'd thought; I just need a cable needle, which I can pick up at the craft store tomorrow. I suppose I could use a regular straight needle, like a DPN, or a stitch holder pin thingy. I just feel like making the ascot. :-)
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