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Mimir's Well and classes to teach - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
Mimir's Well and classes to teach
I want to go to Mimir's Well on Oct 20th. It's going to be a solo excursion, since darkwolfie is going to FurFright in Connecticut that weekend, which is fine. (He's not nutty about schola events, anyway.) (I'd teach at Novice Schola, but I think I have drill that weekend.)

Now I just have to decide if I can reasonably teach three classes, because I'd like to teach spinning, hand-sewing, and apron dresses. Spinning takes two hours; hand-sewing and aprons would take an hour each. I think that if I taught spinning first thing in the morning, then broke for lunch, the other two classes would be easy. I already have the hand-outs written for spinning and apron dresses, and there will be "paper-doll" modeling done for the apron dress class, using interfacing and tape.

I want to do a paper on textile production in Dark Ages Scandanavia and Anglo-Saxon England and hand-sewing techniques. As part of the practical (I know I don't need to do a practical exercise, but I'd feel silly if I didn't), I'm going to do a completely handsewn smock out of the linen I bought at Pennsic. Now I just need to get the work room cleaned up enough that I can cut it out. I'm going to put together a box of books for darkwolfie to send me, so I can work on the research paper. See, there's a lot of stuff I've read, and a lot of stuff I know is contained in one book or another, but I need to read it for myself and
write down
where I read it.

So... I guess I'll write to the folks up in VT and put my name in to teach. :-D I've missed it so. Next year, I'm bloody well teaching at Pennsic. No more putting it off.

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