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wrenching - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
About the most low impact wrenching you can imagine... My new saddlebags weren't sitting right on my bike. They were cockeyed and hanging too low and needed to be fastened down. So I got a new 6mm hex socket and driver from Sears (yay Craftsman) (was going to get the socket at Home Depot, but they don't sells them by the each, they sells them by the set) and when I got home from work I changed into civvies and went straight outside to catch the last of the light.

I needed the hex wrench to get the pillion seat off, because the saddlebag straps go under the seat. darkwolfie helped me realign the bags and I figured out how to better tie them down. Now they ride much higher, look a lot better, and I can even open the expander zipper without worrying about hitting the exhaust. I'm actually thinking about taking off the pillion seat and putting on a rack and tail bag. No time soon, though.

I was kinda pleh when I got home, especially since it was a gorgeous day today and I didn't get home till six, so no ride for me. But I spent an hour puttering about with my bike and chatting with my beloved, and I felt better. Gotta love that.

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