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pretty ride!

darkwolfie and I went for a fairly short ride tonight. We went out Pelham Road again, and into NH. We ended up riding along the edge of a pond, with trees in full foliage, and the sunset ahead of us. The sun was behind the trees, so we didn't get blinded, but we did get to enjoy the sky.

My plan was to end up on Range Road, north of the mall, but we ended up behind it instead. No biggie, really. We just scooted out onto Rte 28 and back home. We even hit green lights, mostly.

The cool thing was that I led the whole way, and darkwolfie was really pleased with how well I did. After yesterday, I felt a whole lot more confident and was a lot more aggressive off the mark at stops and in changing lanes, which is what darkwolfie was encouraging me to do. I was also a lot better about shutting off my directionals, thanks to a tip I found on BeginnerBikers.org -- shut off the directional after the first shift after the turn. It's really helping develop the habit, which is good. It keeps the asshats from pulling out in front of me.

I'm pleased. It was a good ride. I'm totally entranced by how it can clear my mind and bring on contentment. I wish I'd done this years ago. Given the price of gas, which is showing no signs of dropping, I think that we'll both be commuting on our bikes a lot next year.

And given the way my tush feels right now, I think I need to get a gel pad sooner, rather than later. ;-)
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