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motorcycling for a cause

I just signed darkwolfie and I up to volunteer as road crew for the Boston Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, in May. (Yes, he knows about it.) They use motorcyclists as safety crew: "Works with Road Dispatch Staff and local law enforcement to guarantee safe passage for Walkers during each day's route. Assist at difficult intersections and other locations as requested."

My sister walks for her friend Buffy. My mom donates for her sisters Vicky, who died of cancer, and Shirley. darkwolfie's dad died of cancer, as did his aunt. The least I can do is keep the road safe for others.

I think it's going to be fun. We're expected to stay at the halfway point, at their "Wellness Village", overnight, which will be fun since I'll be with darkwolfie. They provide the tents, we provide the bedding (I think there's a truck to get our stuff there), and they feed us and provide showers. We do have to pay the registration fee, but that's okay. It's for a good cause.
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