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i must be an addict

It was an absolutely glorious afternoon today, so I took advantage and rode my bike over to the mall for my hair appointment. Thanks to my spiffy new Cortech LRX jacket (mine is blue), my torso was not only warm, but actually a little too warm -- I had a long-sleeved t-shirt layered under a short sleeved shirt, and then the lined jacket. Wool socks kept my feet warm, and I had silky longies on under my jeans, but they only helped a little. My fingers and thighs were the coldest.

Even so, it was glorious. I had the best time, even on that short ride. I saw one other bike on the way out, and none on the way home -- I left the mall at 4:15, and it was starting to get dark by then. I'm sure there were plenty of people who looked at me through the windows of their cars and thought I was completely crazy. Maybe so, but I doubt they were having as much fun as I was having.

And now I'm having yummy chicken stew made by my beloved, and hoping that there will be a good day next weekend to have another short ride before winter really sets in and I have to leave for Fort Bragg. I'm not even going to know what to do with myself when next spring rolls around and I can ride whenever I like.

I told a friend once that I want nothing more than to be content with my life. I never thought it would be so, but riding my bike brings me more contentment than I would have thought possible.
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