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la ti da ti da - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
la ti da ti da
So... been a semi-productive weekend.

I was supposed to go check out the Classic Elite Yarn outlet in Lowell with my mother on Saturday, but at 2:15 she called and told me that she was too tired to go. I just wish she'd told me earlier, because they closed at 4. I then tried to go on my own and proceeded to get amazingly lost in Lowell -- I know where things are relative to each other in Boston, but not Lowell. So I found 495 again and booted up to the yarn shop in Harvard, to pick up one more skein of yarn with which to make a gift for my cousin's wife. I was going to get more of the Wings, but I couldn't find a color I really liked, but I did find a skein of Plymouth Indiecita Alpaca in a tweedy oatmeal-brown color that I like. Soft, yummy color, and only $5.50 a skein, in a gauge for needles I already own. It was SO mine.

So I finally got home, and finished the purple cabled headband I was making, and started in the lighter lilac-blue color (I've gotta look at that under natural light sometime). I got a lot of that knitted up, and finished it today, at fighter practice. (There was an SCA fighter practice at a health club up in Leominster -- great turnout, indoor site, and showers. Too cool.) Then I started the brown alpaca headband, and got about half of that knitted up tonight. I should be able to finish that tomorrow, and then we're off to the races with hats for the boys.

They're getting cable-brimmed hats out of Wool-Ease -- I figure that the expensive stuff would be somewhat wasted on them (plus I can't afford it). It'll give me a chance to use the leftovers I have, too. Hopefully these will go as quickly as the headbands did... I have four to knit between now and Christmas!

I'm afraid that I was boring Wolfie a bit with my nattering about yarn... he's happy that I'm having fun, but I guess I was gushing a little bit too much. Sorry, baby. Like I told him, though; it's so amazing to me that I can take string and two sticks and make a garment out of it! That, and the things that seemed so intimidating to me before are turning out to be fairly easy, and I really love that! Then again, he doesn't object too much when I make him stuff, so I guess it's all good. I just hope I don't get tired of it in a couple of months! :-) I doubt I will, though.

After the Christmas madness is over, though, I am definitely making a headband for myself. Wristwarmers, too. I just think they look cool, and I want em. Might be nice for riding, too -- keeps fingers free, but palms and wrists warm. And I wanna make socks. And a sweater for Wolfie (curse be damned)... and anotherfor me... Sigh. So many plans, so few hours to execute them. Anybody got a hot lottery number tip?
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