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why i knit - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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why i knit
My grandmother died about five years ago. I think it was she, in a large part, who encouraged my string obsession. She taught me to knit, she taught me to embroider, she taught me to do plastic canvas (which I think is cute but way, way too kitschy to want to use in my own home), she enabled my addiction with gifts of floss. I feel her looking over my shoulder every time I do something fibery, grinning and nodding her approval. My style is not hers, but I think she would have appreciated it. My grandfather probably would have, too -- after all, it was he who hemmed my ball gown for a formal.

So this Christmas is sort of a dedication to my Grammie. It didn't start out to be, but I discovered in the process that I'm not just making gifts, I'm making things for my family to keep them warm. I'm doing things that my Grammie used to do. After she died, we joked that we each took on an aspect of her personality. My aunt forgets people's names, usually calling them by a sibling's name. Me, I do things with and to string that most people say they don't have the patience for. It's not about patience. It's about love.

In a way, though, it goes deeper than Grammie. I'm doing things that have been done for centuries, with my sewing and embroidery, knitting and braiding and spinning. I'm filling a traditional role in trying to clothe my family, and yet I'm not, because I'm doing it on my own terms. It's cool -- I get this amazing feeling of connection to women, stretching back through time. And I really have to wonder... what nutcase thought it was a good idea to take two stricks and a piece of string and make knots with them? I wonder if they had any idea the obsession they'd create...

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