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happy dance - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
happy dance
*does the Happy Dance of Finished Christmas Gift Joy*

Finished up the last hat last night. Or I thought I had; I realized that I actually have nothing for my mom, and so I go off to the yarn store again tomorrow to get yarn for a hat for her. She gets alpaca -- after all, she's my mommy. :-)

But still... everything else is finished. Can I get a "hell yeah" for temp jobs where they realize things are boring and they let you knit? And a further "amen" for 15 minute commutes? I can't remember ever having a 15 minute commute, not in years, so this is pretty spiff. It's only through the end of next week, but if they want/need me to stay on, I'll be happy to.

Now if only they'd upgrade this hunk o'junk computer at this desk... Pentium (not PII, not PIII, just a plain old Pentium) with a big 31 megs of RAM. My old puter, even when in its death throes, was working better than this.
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