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well, that was more of a pain than it needed to be - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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well, that was more of a pain than it needed to be
I finally started work on the gansey for my niece again. It had languished for some time; for some reason I'd lost interest. I had a good long bit of knitting time last night, and finished both the front and the back, and knitted one of the front shoulder extensions.

I'd have knitted both, except after the first time I bound off the shoulder, I realized that I'd done a repeat wrong. It wasn't something I could pass off as a feature, nor could I hope no one would notice. Nothing for it but rip it out and fix it, and so I did.

And then I reread the pattern, and realized that I needed only four repeats, not five. By this time it was super late, so I grumped and went to bed, and just now have had time to fix it. Now I have to go toss all my clothes in the wash, and then back to work. I want to pick up stitches for a sleeve tonight. I could have this done and ready to block in a couple of days, with any luck.

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