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things are looking up - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
things are looking up
darkwolfie drained the oil out of my bike today (I'm going to learn how this summer), and I replaced it and put my battery back in, then started her up. Took a couple of tries, and I had to hold the choke open for a while, but it was running pretty well. darkwolfie's bike seems to have some carburetor issues, which sucks -- he says he needs to pull the carbs and take them apart.

But my bike is running, and we're taking it up to a nearby parking lot tomorrow to get back in the swing of things (darkwolfie will follow me in his truck -- riding 2-up is way beyond me). And then we're off to his mom's for Easter dinner.

My bike is back on the road. Life is looking up. :-D

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