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yarn run #1 - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
yarn run #1
I talked about doing this with some friends some months ago. There are several good yarn shops in my area. I thought it would be fun to ride to them, shop a little, and take a picture of my bike in front of the shop sign.

I just got home from a trip yesterday, and didn't think I'd be able to ride today; I thought it was going to rain. Turned out pretty nice, so when I checked the temps at 2 and saw that it was 52 degrees, I decided that it was just too nice a day to stay in and watch TV (though the Blade series was on, and Ryan Reynolds without a shirt... but I digress). So I took off for the Yarn and Fiber Company, in Windham, NH.

It was a decent ride, with just a couple of surprises where they'd changed the traffic flow. The weather was great, and I saw some other bikers out in the late afternoon, got some waves, gave some waves. Plus I scored some sock yarn to make socks for a friend, so how could it be bad?

My goal is to take pictures of my bike in front of every yarn shop I visit this summer, so I got started here. You can barely see the shop's sign painted on the glass front of the building -- taking a picture with the bike in front of the sign is problematic, since the sign is set back from the parking lot. I tried, though! Maybe I should have put the yarn on the seat, too...

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