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yuletide yumminess - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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yuletide yumminess
Hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas/Yule/Winter Festival of their choice. Wolfie and I had quite the excursionary whirlwind, that was not without it's frustrations, but ended up being pretty fun.

Wolfie had to work a full day on Christmas Eve, and we had to drive all the way down to his brother's house in North Brookfield when he got home. We didn't even get on the road until about 7, and didn't finally find his house until 8:30 or so. I was getting a little miffed about the lack of decent directions, but we won't go there. (I'd also had a really awful headache the entire day, that finally got knocked down with 600 mg of ibuprofen just before we got there.) Despite that, we got to his brother's house safely, confused the kids with their gift (a Dance Dance Revolution mat and game for their PS2), delighted his mother, and stepfather, brother and sister-in-law with theirs (etched glass stuff -- Wolfie has found a new medium), and got some very nice and VERY generous gifts. Wolfie's mom gave him a chop saw, and I think he got a Home Depot gift certificate (can you say "living room ceiling"?), and some new longies, and the kids gave him a Mr. Potato Head. She gave me a lovely pink sweater, new towels, and a HYOOGE gift card for a salon and day spa in Acton. I'm all excited -- I can get my hair professionally colored and maybe get a manicure, too. The kids gave me Winnie the Pooh slipper socks, a Winnie the Pooh coloring book and crayons, and a Mrs. Potato Head. I'm not real clear on the reasoning behind the Potato Head phenomenon, but that's all right -- it's the thought that counts.

The new house is great; there's much work to be done yet, but they have wonderful plans for it and I can't wait to see how it'll turn out. We took notes on their kitchen -- the pantry has glass doors on the cabinets, and while my mom has always insisted that she doesn't like them, because you have to keep your cabinets tidy, I'm not so sure I don't like them, now that I've seen them up close. He put marble tile into one counter top, but there still isn't enough counter space in the kitchen. That's just me, but I like lots of counterspace with drawers underneath, cabinets on the walls, and maybe a closet with shelves to keep pots and pans and baking dishes. I can't wait till we can redo the kitchen... unfortunately, it's in line behind the library and the bathroom.

Christmas Day, we went to my parents' house to spend the day. First we did family gifts, and my sister made me play Santa (ie hand out the gifts that were under the tree). Dad got all panicky, because he insisted that there was a gift for Mom in the tree... what he didn't realize is that she'd already opened it, and the one he was looking for, he'd put in a gift bag and it was under the tree. He worries me a little; seems like he forgets a lot lately. Could be he's just overtired; could be his hearing loss means that he's missing a lot that we think he's hearing.

Wolfie did this great painting for them of a winter scene with a covered bridge, and he did a sketch of a fishing village scene for my sister -- everyone loved them. I gave my dad a two-year subscription to a shooting magazine, and I gave my sister a hat I knitted out of purple cashmerino, an eyelash scarf, and her very own knitting assimilation kit (a skein of merino yarn and a pair of knitting needles, complete with note that said THE FIRST HIT IS FREE). Mom was also supposed to get a hat, but, you see, I am a goober, and I managed to leave everything I made for my family at work on Christmas Eve, where I'd taken it to take pictures of it. So she and the rest of the knitting recipients will get thir gifts at the brunch my cousin is holding on Sunday.

I got some lovely gifts -- no spinning wheel, or indeed anything spinning-related at all, but some really neat stuff. Mom gave me two new sweaters and two mock turtlenecks (I have a short neck and regular turtlenecks make me look horrid), some towels, and a set of TV trays. Daddy gave me $20 (part of a new spindle, perhaps!) and a collapsible cutting table for my soon-to-be sewing room. Gail gave me a Triple A membership, and I think she gave me something else that I simply can't think of at the moment. Wolfie gave me three things (with three more on the way); two of which really excited me. He gave me a samurai game for the PS2 (I gave him Silent Hill -- yay for him liking it!), and the Sabbatum album by Rondellus: Black Sabbath songs sung in Latin and played on medieval instruments! It sounds like medieval religious music. Then he also gave me Wild Colors, a book on preparing and using natural dyes. That was just fascinating; I can't wait to gather some dyestuffs and try out the recipes! If my high school chemistry classes had covered cooking and stuff like dyeing, I might have actually paid attention. I also gave him the Ice Age DVD and another pictorial encyclopedia about animals. I gave him one last year that covered just mammals; this one covers birds, reptiles, and amphibians as well.

My aunt and uncle gave him a great book on American Art History; they gave me a book on the medieval knight and a gift certificate to JoAnn Fabrics. Hee... at this point I'd rather have one for a yarn shop, but the one for JoAnn will get used, definitely. My cousin and his wife gave us candy, and I can't remember what my other cousin gave me... he might have given me the book on knights. I'm terrible.

I'm really looking forward to giving everyone their gifts on Sunday -- I hope they'll like them. Maybe next year it'll be hand-spun, hand-dyed... you never know. I taught my sister to knit while I was there... she didn't like the new needles I gave her, so I traded her new ones for my old ones, because the cables on my old ones weren't so springy. She actually prefers a long-tail cast-on! She taught me a new way to hold the yarn for it -- I was so thrilled that she figured that out! Hopefully she'll keep practicing. She seems to think that you have to manipulate the left needle, and she's intimidated by that because she's very right-handed. If I can get her to relax her death grip on the yarn and the needles, and to realize that the left needle carries the stitches, while the right does all the work, I think she'll be all right.

Christmas was good. Brunch will be nice on Sunday (provided we don't have another snow storm). I'll be glad when it's all over. :-)

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