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non-SCA project, using SCA skillz

My new bike is almost 150 pounds heavier than my old one. My yard is very lumpy. That means that in order to move it around the yard, which is usually done with the bike off, I have to really lean into it. I usually end up leaning on the tank, because it's easiest to move it while straddling it, and I'm short. The paint on this bike is pristine, and I'd like to keep it that way, which means I need an accessory called a tank bra.

It's really just a flat piece of leather with strategic cutouts for the gauges and gas cap and some sort of a soft backing (felt or suede). My leatherworking skills are pretty rudimentary, but I think I can make a tank bra for less than $85. The Tandy store is only 13 miles from me, so I can ride over there sometime when the weather's better (and I'm not sick), find a nice piece of black leather, and see what I can do. Obviously I'll make a pattern out of fabric or something, but I think I can make something just as nice as the places online. And if I can't, I'll delete this entry and pretend I never said I could do just as well admit my error and order one.
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