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breast cancer walk report: friday, may 16 - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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breast cancer walk report: friday, may 16
Check-in for the walk started at 2, which is when we left the house. I'd hoped to leave an hour before that, but it didn't work that way.

I'd wanted to go check-in at the walk first, but darkwolfie wanted to go to the hotel to drop our gear, which meant going through the tunnel. That turned out not to be the best idea ever, as we got stuck in the tunnel and darkwolfie's air-cooled bike overheated. By the time we got out of the tunnel and the bike cooled down, it was nearly 4pm and had started to rain. We agreed to bail on the hotel and find the Walk check-in. Thank goodness darkwolfie works in Boston; he was able to get us there easily. And our comm system was worth the expense and effort, too. It helped a lot to be able to discuss changes in plan on the fly, rather than hoping to find a long enough stoplight or having to communicate that one of us wanted to pull over.

Check-in went quickly, the all-hands crew meeting went quickly, and the moto crew meeting went quickly. Even so, it was still 6pm before we could leave to try to get to the hotel, and it was still raining. We tried to get there, we really did, but as we were approaching 93, we could see that the southbound side was still bumper-to-bumper, and the last thing we wanted was to get stuck up there in the rain again, or worse yet, get stuck in the tunnel again and this time burn out something on darkwolfie's bike. So we opted to go home.

The ride home was in the "grim determination" category. It was the trifecta of bad weather riding: cold, dark, and wet. We made it safely, though, and we able to get some sleep in our own bed. My boots were soaked, so we ran out to Off Broadway Shoes and I grabbed a pair of waterproof boots. I didn't get to bed as early as I wanted, but at least I didn't have to sleep without the humidifier for my CPAP.

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