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when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
My country is under attack by terrorists.

The World Trade Center in New York is gone. Airliners crashed into each tower. Part of the Pentagon has collapsed; another plane crashed there. One of the planes that hit the World Trade Center was from Boston. Two other planes have also crashed, one of which was from Boston. Planes all over the United States are grounded. International flights are being diverted to Canada. The border with Mexico is closed. Bridges and tunnels into and out of New York are closed. The U.S. stock exchanges are closed. The CDC has been evacuated and bioterrorism teams are assembling. Israeli missions all over the world are being shut down and evacuated. The State Department is being evacuated. Downtown Manattan, as far north as Rockefeller Center, is being evacuated. The Sears Tower in Chicago is being evacuated. The UN, in New York City is being evacuated.

I can't get CBS, ABC, or MSNBC online. CNN has a barebones site up. We think that their servers were in the World Trade Center.

"Both planes that crashed into the World Trade Center Towers in NYC originated from Boston. The flights have been tentatively identified as American Airlines Flight 11 and United Flight 175."

  • Navy has stationed aircraft carriers along East Coast
  • Amtrak has suspended its service
  • Two planes hit the World Trade Center
  • Both towers of the World Trade Center collapsed
  • Pentagon hit by plane
  • Car bomb explodes near State Department
  • Explosion near U.S. Capitol building
  • Gas leaks in lower Manhattan cause further evacuations
  • Nationwide air traffic system shut down
  • All federal buildings have been evacuated
  • East Coast asked not to use cell phones
  • President Bush is on Air Force One
  • Mexican border closed

The above is from the Associated Press.

Today is the anniversary of the Camp David Peace Accords. A plane crashed there, too.

The White House has been evacuated.

It's hard to get anything from the Internet.

This is a disaster. I don't think anyone understands exactly what this means for us as a nation.

Nothing is ever going to be the same.

i feel: scared scared

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