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vibrate - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
I'm all restless. If I was a baby I'd be lying on my back kicking my feet and waving my arms and making fussy sounds.

I got new spinning fiber last night... Merino wool and tussah silk blend, in this lush blend of blues and pinks... looks like a sunrise. It's more blue than pink, and a lovely sheen, and it spins SO dreamy. I'm going to make a shawl out of it, I think. I feel more relaxed just looking at it. I took my spindle to work today, and spun a little at lunch and a little at my afternoon break. Nobody asked about it; I don't think anyone really noticed. Not that I *really* care, but a little interaction would be cool. I'm thinking about trying to organize a First Friday Spin Out, where spinners can get together and spin in public... sort of a cross between a kaffee klatch and an outreach program.

I'm knitting socks for my mom for her birthday. They'll be a little late (her birthday is Sunday), but not too much. I'm using Regia in colorway 5181, Inka. Orange and green and purply-blue and HOT pink and black, with a grey and white jacquard pattern. Loud and obnoxious and she picked it out herself. She wants to wear them with her clogs. I'll be taking the one I've nearly finished over to the house on Sunday so she can try it on and I can see how much longer to make it, or if I can just start doing the toe decreases. Once I have that one done, I can just make the other to match (famous last words).
When I made my socks, I seem to have made them a little big around the ankle, as I didn't do any decreases below the ribbing. On Mom's, I decreased from 72 stitches to 66, and it fits much, much better. I think I'll do this for my own socks from now on.

I'm going to the St. Distaff Day gathering at the Westford Museum on Sunday. I'm looking forward to it. Thus far, I haven't met any other spinners who are into the SCA, and I keep hoping to suck *someone* in! I went to Spinnging Group at Mind's Eye Yarns on Thursday night, and she did mention that she'd thought of putting some spindles together and going to an event with roving and spindles to merchant. Birka's coming up... maybe I can get her in there, or take a consignment and sell for her. I dunno if I want to go there, but if she wants to do it (and there's still merchant space available), I'll help her out. At the very least, I can help clothe her. (I don't think I mentioned that if she wants to merchant she needs to be in garb. Oops.)

I want a new spindle. Don't ask me why. I don't technically need one... I just want one. I would like to see how a different spindle spins, though. Of course, I also want a spinning wheel, but that's a save-up-for-it-over-the-course-of-a-year thing. Buying a new spindle is as complex as sending and email and ponying up my debit card number. Stil and all, Wolfie's been shouldering most of the household burden, so I need to share more of it. If that means no new spindle for a while, it's the least I can do. There will always be spindles. Somehow, that's a great comfort to me.

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