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happy 4th! - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
happy 4th!
darkwolfie finagled the evening off, so we decided that fireworks at Canobie Lake would be the order of the day. And since (for a wonder) it's not raining tonight, we took the bikes.

darkwolfie led for a change, mostly because I couldn't remember how to get to the park, and because dammit, I always lead; it was his turn. It was a really nice ride. Hardly anyone was out, and the bit of road I didn't know was... well, it was torn up, but not that bad. darkwolfie hit a hole that he says wasn't there last time he went out that way; my spine ached in sympathy, but he said he was off the seat when he hit it, so that's all good.

Canobie was cheaper to get in after 5pm ($19 instead of $29), and kind of crowded. It's one of those old-school amusement parks, with small rides that are more about fun than fright. There are the standard games of pseudo-skill, an arcade or two, a couple of stages (they had a trained dog show that was pretty cute), and lots of concession stands. We were going to try to eat at the Italian joint they had in the park, but it was too crowded, so we went with Plan B: the clam shack.

I love fried clams, as long as they're strips. I realize that in terms of my heritage as a New Englander, that makes me a bit of a heretic, but I hate how gritty clam bellies can be. The clam plate at the Canobie Lake Clam Shack was $20, though, so I opted for the fish and chips and darkwolfie had chicken strips. It was remarkably good; we were impressed.

After we ate, we caught the last 15 minutes of the trained dog show I mentioned above, and then wandered about the park a bit. We played a couple of games in the arcade, shared an Italian ice (lemon, quite refreshing), and then wandered back to the water for the fireworks.

I love fireworks. I really do. I hope that if I have children, that they like fireworks, too. But I will never take them to a display and NOT provide them with hearing protection. The barge was only a couple hundred feet off shore, so the display was right overhead, and some of the concussions were really loud. Some kids were screaming, and I don't blame them one little bit.

The display was lovely, though, and I've decided that there are two shells that I really like bestest: the one with gold sparkles and blue lights at the end, and the one where the lights go in random directions after it explodes and look like they're chasing each other. darkwolfie was laughing at me, because the fireworks made me giggle. I guess he likes to watch me when I'm giddy. Silly boy.

The ride home was good. Taking the bikes was a good idea, because we could cut across the parking lot and got out of the park a lot quicker than we otherwise would have. Then we hopped down onto Rte 28 and booted for home. darkwolfie was riding pretty hard -- took corners quicker than I expected, but I was able to keep up. I get a little freaked out when I lead, and ride a bit more conservatively than I might if I were alone. If that's how he wants to ride, though, I can ride like that. :-)

It was a good night. Tomorrow I'm going to go watch the fireworks in Ayer with my mom, and then Sunday, darkwolfie and I might go see another display in either Pelham or Hancock, NH, depending on how far we want to travel. I'm hoping I can ride both nights; it'll save a lot of gas.

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albreda From: albreda Date: July 5th, 2008 12:20 pm (UTC) (base camp)
If it makes you feel better, I'm even more of a New Enland Heretic than you are - I grew up in Boston, and don't like clams or shellfish of any sort AT ALL. (Maybe that's why I moved to Vermont - I knew I wouldn't help support the fisheries industry, so I thought I'd come support the dairy farmers! ;)

Lemon ice is quintessential though - good call, and its good to know that Canobie is still kicking too!
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