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three things

I feel like a dope. I had an appointment with the VA to enroll for healthcare and to talk about my sleep apnea -- I understand that because I was diagnosed on active duty I'm eligible for disability. But I forgot my appointment till a phone drone from the VA called to see if someone had contacted me to make an appointment. Luckily the case manager had an appointment open tomorrow at 1, so it's not all bad.

Also, I'd like to thank Kuryakyn for being completely unhelpful about adapters for my new pegs. They suggested I contact the dealer about whether the adapters for a Suzuki M50 would fit my Kawasaki Vulcan 500. If I wanted to contact a dealer, I wouldn't have contacted YOU. Good thing they like me at Nault's. I'm hoping they'll let me measure the peg brackets on some of their bikes if I buy the adapters there. I didn't buy the pegs there, though, so I may have to gloss over where they came from.

And finally, LJ seems to have mucked with the update page again. I can no longer see my icon. There is a drop-down menu to select it, but I can't see the icon I selected. There isn't even the thumbnail pop-up like they used to have. I hate that.

Okay, four things. darkwolfie has been asleep for almost 12 hours. I know he was short on sleep yesterday, but it's time for him to get up now because I am HUNGRY, and because he wanted to go drop off our passport applications. But mostly because I am HUNGRY, and there is no food in the house. And I am HUNGRY.
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