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that was a productive 45 minutes - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
that was a productive 45 minutes
My mesh motorcycle jacket has been getting significantly grubby, especially around the collar and cuffs. (And unlike that picture, the inside of my collar is white. The brainiac that made that decision needs a slap in the head.)

So I got bored watching TV, and rather than machine wash it, I decided to spot wash it. I poured a little shampoo into a teacup, grabbed my cleaning toothbrush (what, don't you have one?), and went to town. The dirt that came out of my cuffs was impressive.

And since I already had soapy water ready, I washed the base of the toilet. I need to get some rubber gloves, borax, and white vinegar, and then I'll do the inside.

Why yes, I do have a copy of Kim and Aggie's book, why do you ask?

I think I need to make a cleaning icon.

i feel: accomplished accomplished

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