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more sockses - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
more sockses
My seester, she gots beeg feets. And you know what that means...

That's right! She needs beeg sockses.

I am now on inch 7.5 of a 9 inch foot on this thing... and that's 9 inches of foot before I get to the toe decreases. I feel like I've been knitting this sock forever, though it's only been three days. I am getting a little weary of just knitting in the round, but luckily I like this colorway enough that it entertains me through the tedium. Still and all, I'll be glad to get it done. I have a baby shower to prepare for.

I'm going to do a baby jacket from Debbie Bliss Easy Knits. I priced the yarn today. I would have bought it, had it been $2/ball less than it was, but now, as it stands, I'll wait till next week. If I hadn't had to buy a new set of needles as well, I'd have bough they yarn, but throwing another $6 or $8 set of needles on top of $7/ball yarn is just too much. I think that this sweater will knit up fairly quickly, so I'm not too worried. I have a month. Besides, I may have to order the yarn. I want to do the sweater in pale pink, and I only saw one ball, and that looked a little the worse for wear. So I'll call Reba tomorrow, and ask her how long it would take to get it in if I order, and how much of a down payment she'd need. If it takes too long to get it, there's a lovely lavendery purple that will do almost as well.

Wahhh! I wanna knit a sweater!! Sigh... back to the sock.

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