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*yawn* - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
So I caved and got the Debbie Bliss yarn I wanted for the baby sweater. Realized that it's exactly the same color yarn that they used to make the sweater in the picture. Oh well, it'll make it that much easier to make it look like the picture.

Finished Sis's #1 sock, and even Kitchener'd the toe without instructions! The start of it looked a bit like a dog's breakfast, and it's got ears, but that's easily fiddled into shape. Other than that, it looks fabu. can't believe it worked up so quickly without me noticing it -- the colors must have really kept me entertained.

I started the sweater (169 stitches! Good grief!), and have done 9 rows thus far. It looks FABULOUS. This is going to be a lovely sweater, indeed. I'm looking forward to getting it done, though -- pale pink with wear on my nerves after a while. I'll need to knit something in fuschia or lime green to counteract it.

Bed... should have been there an hour ago.

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