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when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
I need some shorts. Just to wear in the house, because I don't want to blind anyone with my stunning whiteness. But I need them because I think they'll be more comfortable for cleaning.

I want to get started on the back pantry with the cruft collecting. Maybe I'll just go grab my jammie pants.

I have to go finish my passport submission tomorrow, and darkwolfie said that he'd help me change the grips on my bike. Hopefully while I'm out taking care of the passport he'll also take a look at the washing machine. Either we fix it, or we get a new one (well, new to us). Whatever we decide, I need it decided by the end of the week, or we declare laundry bankruptcy and take every stitch to the laundromat and start over, which will buy us a couple more weeks.

I've gotten sucked into watching Calendar Girls on BBC America; I suppose any de-crufting can wait till tomorrow.

i feel: bored bored

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