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procrastinating (should be cleaning the bedroom) - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
procrastinating (should be cleaning the bedroom)
So, my teaching debut at East Kingdom University has come and gone. It went well, except for forgetting the fabric that I'd so carefully prepared for my students to stitch on. The timing was off; I spent nearly all of my first hour lecturing and barely got to cover all of the stitches -- and actually did not get to cover Bayeux Tapestry stitch, also known as "Laid and Couched" work. (Damn, that almost sounds obscene!) But I think that a good time was had by all, things were learned, and I came off with the right combination of authority and friendliness. I've been concerned about that, as there is a fine line between teaching and condescending. I have had instructors who do not know the difference. Mistress Clotilde was there, and she was tres helpful, showing around pictures in her books and mine to illustrate what can be achieved with these simple stitches I was teaching.

That's what I love about embroidery. The stem stitch that I use today to outline a project is the same as the stem stitch used centuries ago on the Bayeux Tapestry. How can that not be cool?

We bailed on the event at around 2:30. I was done teaching at noon, and there wasn't really anything else that intrigued us as far as classes we wanted to take, so we took off. We'd driven by a mall on our way to the site, so we went back over there and took in a movie: Daredevil with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Not bad... good action sequences, interesting effects... but it bugs me that so many action sequences in movies these days are lit so darkly that you can't see them. Of course, that's probably the plan, as so few "action heroes" actually have martial arts training and they probably have to seriously doctor the film to make it look like they're fast.

We talked a lot after the movie about getting me back into a dojo. Dunno if I'll go back to my old school; as always, time away from it has given me some much-needed perspective. I want a place very similar, but without the ego boo -- I want a place that emphasizes grappling, but appreciates the well-placed and well-timed strike. And I want a place that is relatively nearby and relatively inexpensive. I'm probably asking too much.

Anyway, after the movie, we played some video games -- one was a sword game! You held a controller and slashed away at bad guys on the screen. It looked a lot like Onimusha, but without the demons. Shame, that; demons would have been fun.

Then we met Angharad, Guildmistress of the Narrowworkers Guild and her roommate for dinner in Troy. Yummy Chinese! Yay! She's a lot of fun, and so is Jessica -- we really enjoyed the dinner and chatting. Well, I did most of the chatting; Wolfie did his "let the wimminfolk talk" thing, but he had fun. Then we drove home -- he drove, and I slept. I think we made it in about 2.5 hours, as there was no traffic. We hit lots of traffic going out Friday night, probably due to the holiday weekend.

All in all, it was a good weekend, and now I must be a good girl and go clean up the bedroom, as the nice DirecTV man is coming out tomorrow to install satellite TV in the living room and bedroom. DirecTV is actually going to be cheaper for us in the long run than digital cable, as we will have more basic channels than we do now for less money. We're giving up HBO and Starz! but that's all right -- we can get Oz and Six Feet Under on DVD. We'll save fully half the money we've been spending on TV by making th switch... but I really don't want a stranger going into our bedroom and tripping over clothes and such strewn everywhere. Guess I'd better get back to work!

Ooh, wait, one more thing. I finished the first sleeve of that baby sweater I'm making out of Debby Bliss Wool/Cotton. Now I just have to do the other sleeve and I can start the finishing! I might have to fix the back neckline before I can sew it all together, but just in the moment I've been thinking about it, I've decided that it ought to work out all right. I just cast off one too many stitches on the left shoulder; no big deal. I just have to "uncast" one stitch. I'm very excited about doing the finishing; now that I have a book on it it should (almost) be fun! Sis's second sock is coming along nicely; I think I have one mor repeat of the colors to do, and I can start the toe decreases. I need to get cracking on that; I want to give them to her at the Spa Knit and Spin we're all going to next weekend.

Golly, what to make next?

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From: ex_misschili604 Date: February 16th, 2003 11:46 pm (UTC) (base camp)
Bayeux Tapestry stitch, also known as "Laid and Couched" work. (Damn, that almost sounds obscene!)

I always thought that 'Laid and Couched' should have been the other way 'round. :)

As for the fine line between teaching and being condescending, I've struggled with that, too. I think the most successful classes I've taught have been ones where my mindset was that I was sharing something that I thought was cool with other people who also thought it was cool. And if I was demonstrating a technique, I never said, 'Oh, this is easy,' because that's where it seems like it crosses that line when I'm learning a technique.
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