tasha (tashabear) wrote,


So Mom, Sis and I went to the Spa Knit and Spin Weekend this weekend. It was really more spin than knit, as there were spinning circles, spinning fiber, and spindles in every room ( and angora bunnies in one room!). I figure that people who sell yarn generally have shops, and don't do the fair thing so much, as opposed to the spinning fiber vendors, who sell a much more specialized product and do travel to events to sell.

And sell they did... I bought and ounce of angora fiber, just to try it (it was under $5), 2 ounces of soy silk, again just to try it (it was $5), and a new Forrester spindle from French Hill Farm (I'm not telling how much that was, suffice to say it's a good thing that I adore it). Fiberbliss all over the place.

I've tried spinning with the soy silk -- it spins up beautifully, but it's weird, because it doesn't draft quite like wool. Guess I'll have to buy some silk top and compare. I'm not nearly so intimidated now about trying new fibers. It's fun! I'm tempted to go try the angora right now...
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