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sweater update - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
sweater update
So I started off the evening yesterday with the intention of sewing on the second sleeve of the little baby sweater I'm making, and ended up spending the entire time weaving in ends. I finally ended up splitting the plies of the yarn (Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton; the pliessplit very easily -- it also unspins pretty easily) and weaving them in separately. I read somewhere (in my book on finishing,I think) that doing this for a non-felting yarn will help keep the ends from working their way out.

So hopefully tonight will be the Sewing-On Of The Sleeve... after I weave in four more ends (eight after the Splitting Of The Plies). (Do those sound like Highland Dances, or have Ibeen watching too much Monarch of the Glen?) And after I go get the materials to make the box I want to use to give it to her in.

You know those papier-mache boxes at the craft store? You can really embellish them fancy with acrylic paint and stuff. I'll give it a shot; if it doesn't work, there's always a gift bag.

But here's a $64 question: do I want to try to knit the bootees as well? The shower is Sunday...
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