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thought bites - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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thought bites
The woman in the cube next to me at work listens to the rasio with headphones on. Then she sings along to it, and is it just me, or are most r&b/hip-hop/pop lyrics absolutely banal and repetitive? It doesn't help that's she can't sing. It's like being at karaoke for the deaf.

I'll write about the Spa Knit & Spin in a longer entry, but just let me say that I love spinning angora, not so much soy silk, and my new Forrester spindle RAWKS. I'm feeling a titch guilty about not having spun my red merino in a long while, though.

I'm hopping on the Fuzzy Feet bandwagon this weekend -- Wolfie has no slippers, and I want Fuzzy Feet to travel with. I think I'm going to get some plasti-dip to paint on the bottoms for traction, though; we have hardwood floors.

As for my eyes making me paranoid, there's a little story there:
I have retinal floaters, hundreds of them, in my left eye. Basically, they're little bits of sediment, and they bob around in the viscous fluid inside my eyeball. I see shadows of them on my retina -- spots before my eyes. I also have this admin assistant where I work who makes all the temps nervous. She's not friendly with us at all (pleasant, but only inasmuch as her job requires it), and makes us feel like we're constantly being watched. So these floaters will sometimes go across my retina in such a way as to make me think that there's a shadow crossing my screen, and I think there's someone behind me. It happens like three or four times a day, sometimes more, and that's how my eyes make me paranoid. :-)

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