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take small bites - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
take small bites
It's been a while; I've got a lot that needs updating. Forgive me if this seems choppy.

I went to Hrim Schola a couple of weeks ago, and took all the classes on fingerloop braiding. I wish I'd taken the tabletweaving classes, as I already knew the fingerloop stuff, except for advanced fingerloop, and by the time I got there, I was so wiped out from the early morning drive and all that I couldn't absorb anything. The Narrowworkers meeting was crowded (yay!), and I took some pictures for the website of some truly impressive work... and somehow have managed to become the Deputy Guildmistress. The drive was long and boring without someone to talk to, and Millbrook, NY is one of those places that just isn't easy to get to. It looks like a farming community gone upscale, kind of like Harvard, but without the convenient junctions with major highways.

Spinning of my three fiber projects proceeds apace -- have I mentioned recently how very much I love my new Forrester spindle? And the spindle bag, which I didn't think I'd use, is amazingly handy. I'm going to have to make another for my angora. Currently the plan is to hold the merino/silk with the angora when it's knitted; I may need more angora to make that happen. I did find a place that sells the plucked angora wool for $7/2 oz, so I may just have to order some.

The red merino is spinning up nice and even; that's going to be a pair of glove from my new book, Folk Knitting From Estonia, which I bought at Hrim Schola. I love these designs... must learn to knit Fair Isle.

I finished the knitting on Wolfie's Fuzzy Feet. Now I just have to go hang out in the basement and felt them. Maybe if I get a good book... I enjoy the knitting, but the felting part is sooooo boring, at least at the start. Love the end product, though, so it's worth it.

There was a sale on yarn at Bare Hill Studios this weekend; 15% off Debbie Bliss yarns. I had been intending to get the yarn for the next Debbie Bliss project last week anyway, but I waited till Sunday for the sale. Luckily, they had the right color, and enough balls in the same dye lot, for the project, plus a perfect accent color, and did I mention it was on sale? I'm stoked, I have a project. I'm knitting perfectly to gauge, too, which makes me feel just a little bit smug. This project will be codenamed "Little Boy Blue."

Wolfie's had a second nibble about a job. If he gets either one of these, I'll talk about my contribution to the job mojo. This new nibble is for a second shift job, which initially upset me greatly, but upon reflection, it wouldn't be soooo bad. It'd be a computer job, which means that we could email back and forth, like we did when we first got together, and it's not like he'd spend the weekends sitting around drinking beer and ignoring me, like my ex did. And I wouldn't have to break my back looking after house and kid and man, nor would I have to cook dinner and take it to him. It wouldn't be nearly as bad as my last experience with a loved one on second shift.

I think I'll stop here and chew over the rest of what I want to say.

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