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*sigh* - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
This is such a Monday.

It started last night, when I tried to do the shoulder shaping on the back of the sweater I'm making. I read the cast-off instructions for the smallest size, instead of the largest, and therefore must rip out three and a half rows of knitting, including some cast-off stitches. Stupid mistake.

Then this morning, I go outside and discover that not only did it snow last night, but it stuck and froze to my car, and I needed to scrape. It's the end of March! Where is the going out like a lamb part? This is definitely wayy too leonine.

Then I realized that I needed gas. I usually go to the Gulf station on my way out of town, where they have full service. I am willing to pay for full-serve if it means I don't have to freeze or get wet. However, there were six cars at the pumps, and I couldn't wait, so I had to pull off the highway and get gas there. On my way back out, I got onto the highway going the wrong way, so I had a 4 mile round trip to correct my mistake.

Then I stop for my morning ptomaine roulette breakfast sandwich and a 1 liter soda at the gas station right by work. They've jacked up the prices by 20 cents on the soda -- quite a jump.

Then I get to work and the upgrades that were supposed to get done over the weekend aren't finished, so we can't process any of the stuff that we have on the shelves, so it's back to filing. Again. Still.

This is such a Monday.

i feel: aggravated aggravated

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