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grumph - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
16 trips or shoot the rapids
tashabear From: tashabear Date: April 4th, 2003 11:12 am (UTC) (base camp)
i shall have to call them and be heart broken when they say
something like "thursday" :>

Nah. Classes are on weekends.

There's a jiu-jitsu class that I'm dying to take in Watertown; sounds almost exactly like my old school except for the lack of forms. Mucho takedowns and wrasslin'. My favorite.

And that is quite sufficient to explain your knowledge of him. Say no more. :-)
perspicuity From: perspicuity Date: April 4th, 2003 11:24 am (UTC) (base camp)
i kickbox now cuz i dated one. wrasslin'. woo.

i've been interested in ages in taking a good stick fightin'
and knife battlin' improvised kinda course for a while. all
that practical "you be dead sucka" stuff that comes in handy.

joint locks aren't always practical and force redirection only moderately successful if you aren't already grounded :)

16 trips or shoot the rapids