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I took yesterday off, fully expecting that I would be doing an audit over the weekend and would be easily able to make up the time. No such luck. Oh well. It was a good day off anyway.

I had lunch with my household brother Hascouf, who was the latest victim of the economy. Puts a bit of a damper on conversation, but he seemed in decent spirits. Then I went into Lowell tyo Classic Elite, because when I went in Wednesday to ask about the socks, I think I left the pattern there. I went to restart them Wednesday night after I got back from "knitting aerobics" and had no pattern. I also succumbed to being in a yarn shop and bought a skein of NatureSpun to use as waste yarn. I'm going to knit the rest into either Fuzzy Feet or a hat for the Ship's Project.

I tried to felt Wolfie's Fuzzy Feet last night on the stovetop -- the ladies at "knitting aerobics" said I could just boil them and they'd felt right up. Erm, no. Thirty minutes later, I just had wet, hot, giant socks. So in the washer they went, and it sort of worked. I actually need to toss them in the wash one more time; I think this time they'll go in with a couple of pairs of jeans.

Tonight is livery night at my (SCA) mistress' house. Wolfie's going with; I hope he remembers. Tomorrow I guess that I'll knit some on the CE socks, and the sweater, and my socks. They're knitting up FAST -- must be that I'm not doing all that ribbing... nor am I knitting a 10" leg. I need to rip the heel out, though. I tried to do a short-row heel and there are huge holes. I'll get it right yet! It's certainly quicker than doing a square heel... no gusset stitches to pick up or decrease. I could get used to this, if it fits better.

And Sunday I'm taking a class in knitting continental style -- with my left hand holding the yarn tension. It's supposed to be faster, and it's also supposed to make knitting with colors easier, as you hold one color in your left hand and one in your right. I'm all for making that easier! Poor Mathilde (our cat) will go insane when I start knitting fair isles! Too much string!

I've decided that I want to knit a gansey for Wolfie -- not sure what yarn yet, though. I'm going to stop by The Woolpack this afternoon and pick up a book I saw there on ganseys. Now that I know what they are, I'm really intrigued.

I also want the Viking Patterns book -- on a second (third?) look, they're quite nice, and they have patterns for runes. I'd love to knit runes into a sweater for him... maybe protection on his sleeve or something.

So much I want to do, so little time. I need to win Powerball...
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