tasha (tashabear) wrote,


this is some stuff i did today...

09:42 @esmerel you are SO not from around here. 60F is still t-shirt weather. #

10:52 I'm glad that Filezilla constantly improves their product, but it would be nice if I didn't have to dl an update every time I open it... #

14:13 Making progress on projects. Need input from husband on a dye color for a gift #

18:45 I swear I thought Buttons just had a seizure. Turns out he was playing w/a bit of crumpled-up paper. Strange cat. #

18:46 @seabird20 Golly... most people are trying to quit drinking coffee... ;-) #

18:53 I just watched Peanut ambush Buttons. He jumped, and chased her into the kitchen. SO glad they're ours. #

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