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weekend - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
Wow. I'm whupped. This is worse than needing a vacation from a vacation. I need a day off to recover from my weekend.

It started Friday night. Wolfie and I had our friend Corsi over to my place for dinner (Wolfie makes a fabulous chicken soup), and then we all went out to Boston Billiards and played several games of pool, getting progressively drunker and more obnoxious as the evening wore one. Alcoholic consumption does not enhance my pool playing skills one iota. I still suck, and giggle even more about it, if it's even possible for me to giggle more about how bad I suck at pool.

Anyhoo, it got pretty drunk out (ever heard of a drink called Sex on the Sidewalk? They're tastee!!!), and the three of us were up till all hours of the night nattering and laughing and shit. Getting up the next morning was a multi-hour process.

Wolfie and I went to a local SCA event called Legends of Chivalry up in Dunstable on Saturday. Wolfie got to see heavy list fighting for the first time; I think that like me, he thinks that it's great to watch and if other people enjoy it, we'll do all we can to support them, but he's not interested in doing it himself. I'd hate for him to risk his hands like that, anyway... they're far too talented.

Legends is a special event. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it has the best feeling of any event I go to, except possibly for Pennsic. I made Wolfie sit through Court, which is incredibly boring if you don't know anyone there, but we did know of two people getting awards: Lady Eibhlin, my household sister, was inducted into the Queen's Order of Courtesy, and Duchess Katherine, who I am privileged to call friend, was inducted into the Order of the Laurel (which by my lights was long overdue). He was a great sport about it, and I tried to tell him what was going on -- as much as I could hear, at any rate.

When the King opened court, he called for a moment of silence. I was composing myself to pray for the fallen and their families, when someone started singing "The Star Spangled Banner." I almost lost it right then and there, but Wolfie's hand in mine and singing along kept me strong.

After Legends, we all went back to Bryan and Anna's house for dinner, where I discovered that Scioletti's (local Italian joint) puts garlic powder in their pizza. I seem to be allergic or sensitive to it -- nothing life-threatening, but it makes me uncomfortable for a little while. Trish seems to think that that means we can't get Italian anymore, but I'm going to start carrying Pepto-Bismol tablets with me and see if that doesn't resolve the problem.

We had a blast at Bryan and Anna's... even came up with a new game: Damage the Duchess. The object is to make Anna laugh so hard she breaks. Happened a lot Saturday night. Wolfie even managed to score a point or two, and Anna hugged him when we left. That was way, way cool.

On Sunday we went to Locobazooka, a local rock show with a buttload of bands. A few of the bands that were supposed to show up didn't -- they couldn't get to Worcester because of the air travel issues that we're currently facing in this country. I was disappointed, because I really wanted to see Puya and Kittie, but I certainly couldn't argue with the reasoning behind it. We did get to see Reveille and the Rollins Band, which was cool, and Non-Point. We also got to see a couple of local bands who were a lot of fun: 7 Hill Psychos and T-House of the Almighty. Maybe I'll drag Wolfie out to see them in a club sometime. We felt like the oldest people there... average age definitely seemed to be under 25. Lots of kids there too, and by kids I mean children. Not sure I'd take my kids to a concert like that, much less let them run around there alone, but I'm not the parent.

I guess the only thing I really disliked about the show (aside from the long-ass walk to get to a pay phone to call a taxi) was all the pot-smoking that was going on. Wouldn't have been so bad if I could have gotten upwind of it, but the wind kept changing! Gawd that shit stinks. I'm getting a headache just thinking about it.

So I'm like really really tired today. I need a nap. Muahahahaha.

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