tasha (tashabear) wrote,


this is some stuff i did today...

01:47 Caught Kaede on top of the fridge again. Wish she'd stop... #

02:47 Countertop is done. Next, we tidy away tools and do dishes. Or go to bed... will I be that smart? Film at eleven. #

03:48 Okay, FINE. I'll tidy the tools and go to bed. Tomorrow I do dishes, clean the pantry, and start making patterns for Birka. Nyah. Happy now? #

05:18 @seabird20 My sleep schedule is upgefucht. :-( #

05:19 @seabird20 OTOH, the dishes are mostly done. :-D #

17:26 my new Kitchenaid mixer is very shiny and red. and shiny. I wanna mix something. I'm tempted to just pour in some water to play with. #

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