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twitters - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
this is some stuff i did today...

03:48 Tomorrow: burnish, spray, assemble (yay rivets!), and also tool, dye, burnish, spray. Might just have two leather FOs tomorrow. yay me! #

18:44 I forgot to burnish the archer's bracer. Crap. Might not be too late... #

18:45 Other than that, things proceed apace. :-D #

21:12 3 hrs til midnight. Husband at work. I'm working. Yey. It's NYE, woo. Whatev. Happy New Year, peeps. #

23:40 @hqp921 is that the restaurant we went to when we went on the NEBBO ride? Happy New Year to you n Jess, BTW! *hug* #

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