tasha (tashabear) wrote,


this is some stuff i did today...

08:49 @esmerel the furries in the audience should have taken up a collection to get him a fursuit. #

10:12 @hqp921 that whole chip thing is terrifying. You & I both live on state borders; will it cover miles driven out of state? #

10:33 @hqp921 exactly -- it's enough to make me want to move to NH if it goes thru. Except I hate moving... pleh. #

12:08 @drewcommins yay easy-to-find bulgogi! #

12:09 @baital I think it's with mine... #

13:26 @drewcommins to Korean restaurants or to your neighborhood? #

13:51 @hqp921 Now I want bulgogi and kimbop. #

17:28 @drewcommins ppl outside the US will, as Amazon won't ship to them #

19:25 @drewcommins copyright issues in foreign markets is what's holding it up, IIRC; that & Whispernet access. Mostly copyright though. #

19:28 @drewcommins I couldn't even get a mouse shipped to an APO outside the US, BTW #

20:51 @drewcommins no shipping computer components outside the US. Books, CDs, DVDs, absolutely -- got plenty of those in Kuwait. #

21:07 wow... way choppy feed on the latest "The Guild" episode today. #

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