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plans already... - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
plans already...
9 ayem and I'm already making plans for the evening. Sewing night is cancelled, as the hostess and her husband have unexpected plans, so home I go. Wolfie is on the late shift tonight, so I get to do what I want till 8:30, and then I'll probably do what I want after that, but without the ultimate control over the remote. Actually, we're pretty good about compromising on TV, and he's introduced me to a couple of shows that I probably wouldn't have watched on my own, like Thunderbirds (the miniatures are amazing!), Yuyu Hakusho, Ruroni Kenshin, and Inuyasha when I can catch it. And sometimes he watches What Not To Wear with me, both the BBC version and the one on TLC -- and while both sets of "style journalists" can be brutal, the Americans are actually worse.

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