tasha (tashabear) wrote,


this is some stuff i did today...

02:01 @drhorrible Oh darling, I love you too. Don't tell my husband. #

12:40 @DrewCommins I dislike the controls on the earbuds. Apple stock earbuds stuck rocks; I never use them, so new shuffle is useless to me. #

12:41 @DrewCommins the stock earbuds SUCK rocks, too. Proofreading FTW. #

15:07 @DrewCommins The stock earbuds don't fit in my ears, and they sure don't fit under a helmet. o.O Shure e2Cs are awesome, though. #

15:41 @DrewCommins I like them. I don't expect to eliminate wind & engine noise, but it gets cut down a lot, enough to hear the music. #

17:04 it's entirely too easy to eat an entire cantaloupe at a go. #

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