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twitters - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
this is some stuff i did today...

01:39 @DrewCommins *googles* Ooh. Pretty pretty pen. Tres sexxeh. #

11:03 @redheadedgirl INORITE? It's snowballing, or there's a bandwagon, or something. #

15:53 @jameskysonlee Are Canadian hangovers more polite than American ones? #

15:54 @platys YES. You naughty, naughty person, you. ;-) #

15:58 63 minutes on hold w/unemployment for a 7 min conversation. At least I got some data crunching done. #

16:15 @hqp921 thunderstorms a-comin' up from CT #

22:27 Jiminy krikkets, when my life kicks into high gear it doesn't fuck around. My wknds are filling up FAST. #

23:42 @seabird20 Some truck pulled the phone line out of my house and killed our DSL last month. Screw the phone -- where are the intertubes!?? #

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