tasha (tashabear) wrote,


this is some stuff i did today...

02:58 just found an error on a year-old LOAR. so embarrassing - we should have caught that long ago. #

17:17 @foxbroadcasting -- why are you repeating your mistakes? Don't cancel #dollhouse - it's great TV, & you'll be doing what you did to Firefly! #

18:38 RT @wilw - Matt Jones got excited and made something cool: tinyurl.com/dzz65d --> I want one... but $50 is a buncha munies. #

21:26 that was about 3 times as much spaghetti as I should have eaten... *burp* #

22:54 I get the stupidest, most random followers. A Baltimore Rapper? An LA boutique? Srsly? Why do they waste their time when I just block them? #

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