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do the next thing
Been a while since I posted. Let's see... what's going on...

Well, I got my spinning wheel! I think it's safe to say I'm in love. Her name is Patience... and after my first attempt at Navajo plying, I think it's safe to say that the name fits.

It's definitely different from spindling! I'm glad I learned to spindle first, though. Spindling taught me a good relationship with the fiber, whereas with the wheel, there's technology between me and the fiber. I do miss the feeling of the twist coming up into my hands -- I love the feeling of the spin thrumming up into my fingers from a spindle, and you don't get that with a wheel. In fact, I need to remember to treadle enough to put enough twist in, whereas with a spindle, I can feel it.

I'm finding it easier to spin thicker yarn, too, which is good; I want some DK or worsted weight yarn to make mittens and such for the winter. My yarn is just a teency bit slubby, but not enough that it really bothers me. I'm totally enjoying the challenge, though, and an hour or so of spinning after a long day really calms and centers me. Plus, I love being involved in making something at such a basic level, and how cool will it be to make yarn, dye it, and make mittens for my sweetie? Or a hat for me? Or maybe even mittens and scarves for my family? Ooh... wonder how much fiber that would take? Garter stitch scarves would take no time at all to knit...

There I go again, planning projects! You'd think I'd get closer to the end of one before I plan the next... You'd think so, but not if you knew me well. I always need two or three things going. Sadly, I always find one thing to be more interesting, and the other projects get neglected, but if I only have one project, then no matter it how interesting it would be in a line-up of other projects, I get bored with it. So right now, I have a pair of socks on the needles for Classic Elite Yarn, a single Regia sock done out of a pair for me, a lace shawl on which I have knit only 24 or 26 rows (it requires concentration), and a set of hankies I'm embroidering as a commission for a wedding. Unfortunately, the hankies are getting a little boring, but still require my attention, as there is a deadline. I'm hoping to get something done on the second Regia sock the weekend after this; I'll be at an event and will have four hours in the truck to knit. :-) Maybe I'll even get it done and will have a new pair of wool socks to wear at the event!

We went to the NH Sheep & Wool Festival on Saturday. Great day, and I had a ball. Wolfie had fun, too, I think, and we got to see sheepies and alllpaaaaaacas (I have to say it like that, they're so ky00t!) and llamas. I also saw llamas in costume, and it was frightening. I was waiting for one of them to snap and go on a camelid rampage through the festival in its little llama tutu.

I was really good as far as expenditures went: I got a pound of Blue-Faced Leicester (BFL) from Diane Trussell at French Hill Farm, and after spinning some of it, I can safely say I want more! I may write to her and see what another pound will cost me with the shipping. I also got 8 oz of pagoda red Corriedale; can't remember who I bought it from, but it was Louet fiber, so I should be able to get more. Pagoda red isn't so much red as it is a lovely coppery-rust color. It'll look nice knitted with the white BFL, I bet -- copper colored scarf and mittens with white stripes, or maybe a hat. Of course, I'm assuming that they spin to anything near each other, or that they'd feel nice together. I'd love to take my wheel to Vermont with me, but it doesn't travel too well in the truck, so spindle it is, and I'm going to start the Corriedale. Should be fun. I also got an Ashford mini-niddy, that I like very much. It only does a 24" skein, but it's better than nothing!

I just have to resist the temptation to order a new spindle from Greensleeves -- I've been coveting a Greensleeves Mjollnir for some time now. They have another spindle line called Loki... um, no thanks. I think I'll pass on spinning on *that* spindle! Shame they couldn'thave called it "Frigga" or even "Freya," but given the colloquial meaning for "frigg," I understand. Ooh, hey... "Sif" might be a good name! And I'd love a slot-together mini-niddy shaped like two ravens with outstretched wings. They could call it "Hugin and Munin." Heck, I might design that! I could make one looking like doves, too; that might sell well on eBay. Hrmm...

Nothing new to report on the wedding front, except that expenses are likely to spike, since good taste in wedding venues is apparently equivalent to expensive tastes. I know I can spread some (most) of them out over the year, but when you look at the budget sheet, it gets scary, big lump sums like that.

I'm not sure how we're going to be able to do it. I know that Wolfie stands to make some good money at his job, but until he really gets into the swing of it (and gets on a credit card account), I don't feel like we can count on it. I have some thoughts about some things we can make and sell on eBay, but that's a supplement at best; a way to get bills paid, unless something really takes off.

Where there's a will, there's a way, though, and if having the wedding we want means pushing it back, I guess we can do that.I don't want to, but I'd rather not settle for a lesser site when I've found the site of my dreams. I think that after Panteria, Wolfie and I are going to have to sit down and really talk about what we want to do for our wedding, and how we're going to be able to afford it. We need to take the drive up to Alyson's Orchard, too, and talk with them about the catering. Their ballpark price was about twice what I want to pay per head. Of course, I don't know what I get with that, and it might include the chairs and tent and all for the ceremony. I also need to ask them if they'd have a problem with ceremonial swords. I'm so used to them that I didn't see an issue, but I remembered yesterday that not everyone sees them as SCAdians do, and so I really should ask, as a courtesy. Don't want anyone getting overexcited about them.

bellatrixx had a great idea about the centerpieces. She said apples and roses, but I think that just fresh fruit from Alyson's would look lovely. They grow peaches as well; we can see what's in season.

Sigh. I need a winning Powerball ticket. :-D

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