tasha (tashabear) wrote,


this is some stuff i did today...

00:16 My cat Bob is chasing his tail on the stairs. That's some dedication to tail-chasing right there. #

01:02 @Lonnieann CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! That's so awesome. #

02:31 @noveldevice that'll be easy. Never ever ever EVER say anything personal on your .edu email addy. Also, you're smarter than that. #

03:14 @noveldevice you don't have any other email address besides your school one? #

03:18 @noveldevice still easy: route emails from students to 1 folder so you remember who you're talking to. I'd want 2 boxes, but that's just me. #

20:03 @dhewlett are you wearing them with socks? #

20:33 @redheadedgirl *hug* #

20:33 @dhewlett It's entirely possible to ROCK a sunhat. No one can rock socks with sandals. It's Just Not Done. #

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