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sleep - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
I'm tired. Sleep is an interesting commodity... children resist naps, adults crave them. My sleep has short lately, and interrupted by periodic awakenings. You wouldn't think that they'd be so disruptive; indeed, it's easy to say that I just have to go to the bathroom and it's the pressure of my bladder that's waking me up. Maybe so... but then how do you explain the fact that when I take St. John's Wort I sleep through the night?

I hate having to take anything to get the sleep my body needs so desperately. Perhaps it's everything that's on my mind... everything I have to get done for the event I'm running on October 20th, all the weekend committments that I have in between, my new job, my new car, moving in with Wolfie sometime before the end of the year... perhaps aging is not going to be kind to my sleep cycle. Oh, and then there's always the added fillip that my country was attacked by the greatest cowards history has ever known... I know that I actually slept better when I was unemployed, when I was on a nocturnal sleep cycle. I would stay up all night, trading email until dawn with Wolfie, chatting on Taps with other night people, and sleep through the morning and into that afternoon. It felt natural and right for me to be on this schedule... but the world's business is done during daylight hours.

And tonight, I have to put two team uniforms in the dryer, and get up early tomorrow to put flag patches on them. I'm too nice for my own good, sometimes. At least the demo is only for an hour tomorrow, and then I can go up to my sweetie's house and help him get it ready for a new human inhabitant. Funny... I've always hated yardwork. Now that I'm going to live in Wolfie's house with him, I can't wait to get my hands in there and clean up the overgrowth, to make his house a home for us both.

Of course, the fact that his lawn is about the size of my bathroom (not including the tub) makes it a little easier for me to get behind this whole lawnmowing thing.

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