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do the next thing
So... been spinning a lot. I now have two smallish, uneven skeins of BFL in my basket, and I can't wait to knit with them. They're soooo soft, and are this soft, pale butter yellow color. I think I want to make mittens...

I tried to Navajo ply my Colonial singles... I think I'm getting it, but it's the ugliest damned yarn I've ever made. Oh, well, live and learn. I think that if the singles were thicker or fluffier, it might look better... or not. I dunno. I think I need some help with it.

I knit up all the blue merino-silk blend that I've been spindling -- some of it I had to double, as it was thinner than I wanted for my scarf. Oh, yeah... it's a seed-stitch scarf, and nearly long enough. I'm spinning more of the fiber (I'll likely finish it all up shortly) in order to finish the scarf -- I'm hoping to have enough to make fringe! I'm awfully excited about it.

And in the meantime, I'm finishing up the embroidery commission. The hankies are turning out nicely; I hope the the bride is pleased with them. After that, the second sock for Classic Elite, and then I can knit whatever the hell I want. Thank God. My shawl is calling to me, dammit, and I want to work on it!

I did get a lot done over Memorial Day weekend at Panteria, like my first pair of mittens. It rained almost the entire weekend, and it was cold. Luckily I'd brought both my hats (my wool felt one and my brown sheepskin one), and was able to share with Duchess Anna -- she din't have a hat and she was cold. I'm going to have to make her ones, and some mittens as well. My pattern will work nicely for her, but I need to measure her hand and scale it down a bit. I might try to make her a hat like my sheepskin one, out of her fun fur that she lined her cloak with. Then we can cover it with wool or something and she'll have her own furry hat for cold wet events! I also got a second blue and grey Regia sock nearly done; I'm working on the heel right now. After that, the foot will cruise right along. I love my wool socks; they kept my feet super-comfy in cold wet Vermont this past weekend. Must have more socks. Must make socks for Wolfie. Everybody must have socks. Or mittens. Mittens are easier; I was told they were, and they were right. But socks rule.

I do love my fiber endeavors... Oh, to be independently wealthy.

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