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when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
this is some stuff i did today...

00:27 @frostyw I heard that last yr's crash was not due to texting after all. The driver admitted it this time, tho... #

00:28 @frostyw and apparently the T has a zero tolerance policy for electronic devices; the director was LIVID #

00:29 @FoxBroadcasting PleaseohpleaseohPLEASE give us Season 2 of #Dollhouse! Please? Let the fans renew their faith in your network... #

00:34 in other news, we are now pre-registered for Pennsic. #

01:42 @esmerel oh, pfft... never ever watch Fox for news. No one in that org knew what teabagging meant & told the anchors? Really? Puh-leeze. #

01:57 @esmerel then again, maybe them in the know withheld info on purpose..? #

12:14 why is my neighbor wheeling a TV all over the neighborhood? #

16:09 @hqp921 WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay Jess! Yay you! YAY EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #

16:09 @azpenguin I suppose... never considered taking mine for a walk, though. #

17:49 @stephenfry I think it's glabrous, too #

18:17 @azpenguin I might if he spoke English -- I live in a Dominican neighborhood. :-) #

20:23 it's frackin' pouring out. No satellite=no TV (probably for the best). Bored, lonely, want attention. ah well, back to work in the cellar... #

21:36 @azpenguin Not a chance. My house doesn't have air conditioning. Thanks anyway! #

22:48 @frostyw yum, lingonberries. Have you had them on the IKEA meatballs? #

23:02 @frostyw yup. The next closest one is in New Haven CT. #

23:55 @frostyw OM NOM NOM. Bring on a ptarmigan and we have a winnah. #

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