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twitters - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
this is some stuff i did today...

01:41 @azpenguin *shock* It's a Saab! Next thing he'll be buying a Goldwing and shooing us off his lawn! ;-) #

15:03 @NoPants_McGee Pfft. I spell that cat's name differently depending on my mood. Thanks, tho. To all the scammers, good f'in luck, bitches. #

15:06 @SnarlingBadger EZ-Up pop-up tent? We use a couple for kitchen tents @ SCA events #

16:24 @baital There are all different flavors of geek. Yours, I believe, may be curry-flavored. Mine smells like wet sheep and leather. #

17:46 @NathanFillion I sit across the room, watch someone else play & still get motion sick.*sad* Love me some 3rd person horror survival tho! #

22:37 @azpenguin Would a nice big toaster oven work? #

23:54 @azpenguin Mine will handle two 8x8 pans. Solar cooking is nifty. You could also look into Dutch oven cooking over coals. #

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