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here we go... i'm at it again...

I'm going to try to do Moto Crew for the Tour de Cure, which benefits the American Diabetes Association. This one is a bike ride in the North Haven, CT area on June 14 (so I will be looking for a place to crash on Saturday and possibly Sunday night). The crew leader is a guy I worked with this past weekend, so when he found out I was interested in crewing the Tour de Cure, he snapped me up.

I'm excited; this starts earlier than the Avon Walk (6:30am for the cyclists doing the full 100-mile ride!), but it bids fair to be faster paced. The crew is only 12 people, and Charlie says he's looking for three more after me, so goldwing? hqp921? panzier? Any of you guys interested? There's no registration fee for crew, and they're even giving the riders $20 each for gas. It seems a lot less regimented than the Avon Walk for whatever reason, perhaps because it's over a lot faster and as a result they don't have the staggering logistical machine that the Avon Walk does.

I work the Avon Walk for my aunts Vickie and Shirley and my sister's friend Buffy. Shirley is my favorite aunt on my mom's side, and she and Buffy are still with us. Vickie's cancer spread, and she left us a couple of years ago. I'm working the Tour de Cure for my maternal grandmother, Enid, who died from complications of diabetes, and for my mom, who lives with it every day. You'd think these events would be somber and intense. Intense they are, but they're far from somber. They're so upbeat, and positive, and full of hope. This is going to be fun.
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