tasha (tashabear) wrote,


this is some stuff i did today...

13:19 @whedonesque when November was activated for the first time, while being attacked in Ballard's apartment #

13:22 @frostyw seen lots of accidents today, plus heard of more on WBZ - not only do ppl lose their minds when it snows, but also when it's nice? #

14:39 @frostyw we'll have to do another visit! It's worth the trip if you're staying a while. #

14:41 taking a quick break from packing -- almost done with bedding, moving on to garb & looking forward to a SHOWER! #

15:42 packing done, save mundanes, CPAP, & @redheadedgirl's stuff. I need a bigger truck. #

16:12 SHOWER. What a beautiful word. #

16:13 @frostyw Bring me frosty beverages, of course! #

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