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twitters - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
this is some stuff i did today...

10:37 @whedonesque Watch the fake Buffy? Wouldn't be Buffy, would it? Unless they do something exceptional, that's a big old no. #

21:03 #sytycd ShakirO? this is going to be painful... #

21:06 @DrewCommins At least bad dancers don't make my teeth itch... Bad singers are just... BAD. Helps that I skated & danced for years. #

21:07 @NoPants_McGee At least he wasn't wearing Richard Simmons shorts. #

21:18 #sytycd felt rough, huh? good self-assessment there #

21:23 @DariusStarfire sorry, hon... maybe try AirTran next time? #

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